Chase McGillis

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Chase McGillis had his first taste of "showbiz" at age 2 in Baumholder, Germany. His mother directed the community theatre on the base where his father was stationed, and cast him as one of King Mongkut's children in "The King and I". After moving back to America, Chase's childhood continued to be rich with musical experiences. By the time Chase found the electric-bass at 14, he had already been through four other instruments. Little did Chase know, but bass players were often scarce. He would spend much of his youth performing in bars he wasn't old enough to be in and at church every Sunday. At this same time, he began writing songs. Chase released 2 albums with one of his groups in high school, and while touring the surrounding states met his future band-mates The Effects.

After dropping out of Kansas State University (where Chase played in the jazz band and orchestra on scholarship) and relocating to Tulsa, Chase performed over 500 shows with The Effects across the country. He shared the stage with Kings of Leon, The Roots, The Toadies, The Kentucky Headhunters, and many, many more. He also continued to write songs with the band and released an EP (produced by Jeff Saltzman) in addition to a full-length album "And It Is…". The band's music was placed on MTV's "Kaya" and "The Hills" and the group received write-ups in SPIN magazine and MTV's buzzworthy. Chase eventually moved to Nashville and began working on new record with The Effects. He also was playing some key shows with Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights. When the members of the Effects decided to pursue different creative directions, the call of from Jonathan Tyler came at the perfect time.

Chase started playing bass for Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights and has been touring ever since from Florida to California, Washington state to New York, and everywhere in-between. Chase is writing songs with Jonathan and the band for their up-coming sophomore album on Atlantic's F-stop records.

Chase has been writing and recording with Jonathan Tyler and Northern Lights for their new album "Holy Smokes" to be released in 2015.

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