Colton Entertainment is a full service independent music publishing and administration company.  Colton Entertainment Group provides full exploitation and catalog administration services, artist and songwriter development, A&R, and strategic marketing services.  It also houses a production and label side and a management company.

The various entities below administer numerous catalogs which are not listed. Please contact us for licensing or clearance matters related to a particular song.

Colton Entertainment, LLC (BMI)

Songs of Colton Entertainment

Murrah Colton Entertainment, LLC (BMI)


Colton Worldwide, LLC (ASCAP)

Ram Colt Music, LLC (ASCAP)


 Colton Music, LLC

Colton International (ASCAP)

Wild Colt Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Songshack Film, TV, and Advertising Licensing

MCE Management, LLC

Dee Cee Records