Cameron Jayne

Colton Entertainment, LLC

Blending elements of classic and grunge era rock with Kentucky roots, Cameron Jayne's great songwriting, groovy riffs, and infectious hooks surge fans with intensity as his golden voice and addictive lyrics consumes minds.

Cameron immediately immersed himself in the world of music at age 9 when he picked up his first guitar. Unable to shake the urge to create his own sound, Cameron took on the drums and bass only to realize that the front of the stage was his calling. With no mentors to guide him, Cameron looked past mainstream rock and experimented with new sounds to satisfy his urge to bring something new to the world of music. With influences from artists such as Incubus and Chris Cornell, Cameron's music started to take shape.

Cameron Jayne introduces a new era of rock through songs with mind-blowing melodies and magnetic sounds. They just finished recording their first EP. The band is living and writing in Kentucky and are taking the show on the road to give rock 'n roll maniacs the electrifying performance they've been anticipating.

Listen to "Fighting Fire With Fire":

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